What is ThemeSearch.Net about?

ThemeSearch is all about saving your time.
Choosing a good WordPress theme to work on is important. A wise decision can save you lot of hours of your Web site development and design process. But searching for a perfect WordPress themes across the web takes a lot of time too. This is where ThemeSearch.net comes handy. We offer you large collection of themes from diverse authors to choose from.
ThemeSearch.Net is the largest directory/search engine for premium WordPress themes on the Web.
It enables you to search for themes by niche (ie: medical themes, business themes) or by certain functionality (ie: parallax, slider, single page, page builder) across multiple marketplaces and display them all in one place.

Our aim is to save your time by improving and simplifying your theme selection process whenever you start working on a new WordPress website.

Who can benefit from ThemeSearch.net?

Everyone who is building a WordPress website and wants to use a premium theme for their project.
ThemeSearch.net is mostly used by freelancers, Web design studios and agencies who build websites for clients on a regular basis.

Niche over multipurpose themes

If you are working on a WordPress site for a client in ie medical niche, there are a lot of benefits by choosing a theme in a medical niche over starting from scratch or using a multipurpose theme.

A niche theme will most likely include medical icon packs, Widgets and post types, built for specific niche. Also they will most likely include an importable demo content adjusted for the niche. All of this will speed up your web design process and help you to build a better website for your client.
You don’t get this if you choose a multipurpose theme. Also Multipurpose themes tend to be bloated with stuff you don’t actually need and will most likely preform much slower due to all the bloat they need to load on each page.