Mistix – A Minimal WordPress Theme

Mistix is a playful and creative minimal portfolio Wordpress Theme, suited for creative folk that wish to present their products in a cheerful manner. It is suited for both personal and corporate websites. The minimal portfolio Wordpress Theme comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend of your Wordpress Theme. You can choose any color you want to be the Theme’s leading color (you can see 8 examples in our preview). This minimal portfolio Wordpress theme allows you to change all the main colors of the Theme (background color for titles, color of title fonts, color of hover elements, color of shadow used on text) along with the background. This means that you can change all the colors and looks of the theme with just a few clicks. The greatest feature on the home page is the recent posts / portfolio section. It will allow you to add several posts and portfolio projects to the front page in a unique way. It is designed so your visitors can see the description and images from the post on the fly without leaving the front page. Be sure to click on the posts to see this great feature in full. You can set the number of posts in the Theme’s administration. You have three possibilities of which elements to show. You can show both posts and portfolio items at once, only posts sorted by categories or only portfolio items sorted by categories. Three different Wordpress blog pages will give you the opportunity to choose the style that you prefer. You can choose from a standard blog, a minimalistic blog and a blog designed to look like portfolio. Two different portfolio Wordpress pages will give you the opportunity to choose the style that you prefer. Mistix minimal portfolio Wordpress Theme Features minimal Wordpress theme design 2 built in sliders (Slideshow with thumbs and Nivo Slideshow) 5 custom Widgets Google Web Fonts PSD files included Unique Recent Posts / Portfolio Items widget on the front page Video, Gallery and Link Posts Templates (3.3 Wordpress Feature) browser! CSS3 Features and Animations Detailed written help file +70 shorcodes with easy shortcode generator. Use your custom logo and favicon icon. 3 blog templates (standard, minimalistic and portfolio like) 3 home page layouts (fullscreen & composition). 2 portfolio wordpress page layouts (3,4 columns) 3 Home Page Templates 4 Post Templates (Standard, video, link, gallery) Filterable portfolio items. DOCUMENTATION Documentation is ofcourse included in the Theme but you can also read it on our website. Check the Mistix minimal Wordpress theme documentation here. Support for Mistix Minimal Wordpress Theme Our new support portal just went live. You will find knowledgebase, faq and new forums. Link to the portal: http://themesupport.premiumcoding.com Make an account with your Envato login name. Choose your password and enter your purchase code. Below is a tutorial for registration: http://themesupport.premiumcoding.com/kb/registration-on-premiumcoding-support-portal/ For General inquiries go to General section of the forum and post your questions / suggestions about our Themes and plugins. You can also find demo content in our forum.

Inspiration Laboratory

Inspiration Laboratory is a quirky, playful design with colorful, personable cartoons, a functional three-column layout, and support for several Post Formats — a great choice for a tumblelog or personal site. Post Formats Inspiration Laboratory supports the Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery, and Audio Post Formats, allowing you to easily create a tumblelog of your favorite finds. Each supported Post Format has a special icon or style to distinguish it from the rest. Theme Options This fun theme includes an optional character avatar in the secondary sidebar, which can be selected under Customizer → Theme Options. Choose your favorite character, or remove the avatar entirely by selecting “None.” Connect To enable this feature, make sure that Jetpack (http://jetpack.me/) is installed. First connect to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Tumblr accounts with Publicize under Settings → Sharing. Then navigate to Customizer → Connect to add links to these services on the theme’s secondary sidebar. Featured Images Want to highlight your visual content? Consider adding a featured image to your posts! Featured images appear above the content on the blog index and archives. Custom Headers Inspiration Laboratory comes with twelve default header images in a variety of character styles. Pick the one that best fits your mood, or randomize them for a different header each time you visit your site! Custom Menu Configure a custom menu that will display in the sidebar of your site by going to Appearance → Menus and assigning it to the Primary Menu area. This menu will display your pages if no custom menu is set. Widgets Inspiration Laboratory supports two widget areas -- one on each side of the content -- configured under Appearance → Widgets. Custom Background You can customize the theme's background under Appearance → Background. Full-Width Page Template If you would like to remove the content sidebars from a page to utilize the space fully, assign your page the Full Width, No Sidebars template under Page Attributes. Read more about Inspiration Laboratory on the WordPress.com Theme Showcase: http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/inspiration-laboratory/ If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Vintage Kitchen

Vintage Kitchen is perfect for food and kitchen-oriented blogs. What’s so special about this theme is, as you can see, the brilliant look of it! It has fun and colorful—yet balanced—illustrations, script typeface, and subtle textures. Together, all of these design features set your food blog apart from others. The theme also features four theme styles and support for a custom header image, a custom menu, and a maximum four widget areas. Theme Styles Vintage Kitchen is shipped with four theme styles: Citrus, Pear, Cupcake, and Tea. Each of them has a different header illustration and color scheme. Choose one that fits your blog and if you want to you can add your illustration or image in Appearance → Header.

The Great Adventure

Take your readers on a journey – be it soaring through the skies or blasting off into space with The Great Adventure, a fun, playfully illustrated theme. Six Theme Styles The Great Adventure allows you to choose your own adventure with six color schemes. which you can select by going to Apparance - Customizer. To help you pick a style, first decide if you prefer to go airplane-style or space-style. Then, choose from one of three color schemes offered for each style. Customize further with a Custom Header Image and a Custom Background. Tip: The airplane style works best with shorter site titles. Seven Widget Areas The Great Adventure comes with up to seven widget areas – one in the right sidebar, three in the footer, and three hidden behind a secret toggle compartment. To open and close the secret toggle widget compartment, click the arrow to the right of the main navigation menu. The footer widget area and the toggle widget area will only appear if you add at least one widget to them. You can add widgets to all widget areas by going to Appearance - Widgets.