Textual – A Text-Centric WordPress Blog Theme

Don’t forget to follow us I know what you’re thinking, text-centric… brilliant that means this website is fast to load and straight to the point. Well yes, you’re right. We’ve made Textual super-duper quick to load in its raw form. So if you want to chuck a load of plugins at it, the base theme itself is still going to perform very well for you. Don’t worry though, you can still add images, we’re not crazy! Let’s dig deeper into what you get with Textual. Quick loading fonts The theme loads standard system fonts by default, which means no external CSS is being loaded from Google or Typekit. This doesn’t mean that Textual won’t work with web fonts. Oh no! we’re not silly, we know people love web fonts which is why the theme is

Typology – Text Based Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

Typology is a text based WordPress theme created for bloggers that just want to write, without the hassle of looking for the right images. It has a unique design based on beautiful typography which will make your website look good with or without images. Simply write your content and publish – Typology will handle the rest. Typology features list Choose your style – Whether you are a fan of material design or prefer the flat style we’ve got you covered Customize your home page – The home page features several sections to display different content Choose from different post layouts – Because one post layout is simply not enough Take control of your typography – Choose from a wide range of fonts and fine-tune the sizes of yo

Dallas – Text Based Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Minimalist, clean, fast, Dallas is a blog theme which covers all demands of fully text based blog or blog with complete images. Switching from text to images or vice versa is done via 2 clicks. With organized options, which control all the colors and typography, you will be able to create your unique blog very fast. Some Features Header Styles Featured posts in image blocks with modern design Featured posts in text based slider Page/post title and description Blog Listing Styles With featured image displayed Without featured image Single Blog Styles With featured image as header background With custom color as header background Related Posts – of