BetterMag is the useful and powerful WordPress magazine theme with great attention to details, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites.

It does not matter if you want to create news website, online magazine or personal blog, BetterMag offers limitless customization options, layouts and headers with an easy to use Admin Panel. BetterMag is the perfect combination of a beautiful and professional design with tons of powerful features and a bulletproof code base.

Theme Features

  • Most Useful & Powerful WordPress Magazine, News, Blog and Shop Theme.
  • Clean and Modern design with mutliple style and skin in one theme.
  • Fully Responsive design: All elements are responsive.
  • 11 Style: Two advanced style with 11 skin included by default.
  • Advanced SEO Optimized: Rich snippets for breadcrumbs ,reviews and others are built-in. Further SEO enhancements available using WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  • Page Builder – Very powerful and easy to use allow you to create a very complex layouts in seconds also it has a front-end builder Powered by Visual Composer
  • WordPress 4.0 Tested and Approved, and compatible with WP 3.2+
  • WordPress Multi-Site (WPMU) Tested and Approved
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Super-Enhanced Performance For Viewers
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome,Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • WooCommerce Fully Integrated: Create an Amazing Shop using the industry standard eCommerce platform for WordPress. Also there is unique features for customizing shop style.
  • bbPress & BuddyPress Fully Integrated: Get a beautiful Forum running on your newspaper, blog or magazine site.
  • RTL Fully SupportRTL Demo
  • Retina Ready (HD): All the theme graphics scale beautifully on hi-def screens.
  • Advanced Category and Tag Options:
    • Set a category color that will be used in menu and category labels and review bars.
    • Set a background image and color to be used on a specific category (for boxed layout).
    • Use any of the 4 Listing Styles. Modern, Blog, Highlight or Classic.
    • Use any of the 3 Page Layout Styles. Full Width, Boxed, or Padded Boxed.
    • Enable a featured slider to be shown for a specific category.
    • Enable the right or left sidebar or select full-width layout.
  • Addvanced Slider Options BetterMag ships with 10 slider style that can be customized for Home Page, Categories, Tags and pages.
  • GUI Shortcode Generator: all the commonly used shortcodes available via a visual interface.
  • Tons of Useful Shortcodes: tabs, accordions, typography, dropcaps, buttons, columns, lists, and many more layout related shortcodes.
  • Multiple Page Templates included:
  • Ads Support: easily add ads in header, in between blocks on homepage (using page-builder) and in Sidebar and Footer with 2 Image and Code ad widgets that included in theme.
  • Responsive Google Adsense is supported using the default Google Adsense smart sizing code without any modifications.
  • Unlimited Sidebars: create any number of sidebars use them in pages, posts, archives or category
  • Apple iOS friendly: add your site icon for iOS devices desktop like app
  • Translation Ready with .po files
  • Advanced typography options: 600+ Google Fonts to select from them and also options for changing Text Align, Line Height, Font Style, Font Size, Subsets and Color.
  • Sticky Navigation menu with option to Enable/disable .
  • Unbranded Powerful Administration Panel.
  • Built-in Review System :
  • Support Multiple page post.
  • Apple devices Friendly
  • Footer with option to 2, 3 and 4 column layout
  • 14 Custom Widgets and more comes soon


    • Advanced Social Counter Widget
    • Twitter Feed Widget
    • Flickr Feed Widget
    • Facebook like box
    • Tabbed Widget
    • Social Share Buttons Widget
    • Posts Listing Widget ( 3 Listing option and category and tag filters )
    • Advanced and Unique Weather Widget ( BetterWeather – $14 Value )
    • Advanced News Ticker Widget
    • About Widget
    • Advertisement Code Widget
    • Advertisement Image Widget
    • Tabbed Widget
    • Advanced WooCommerce Cart Widget
  • 50+ Shortcodes
  • Input custom CSS right in the Theme Customizer
  • Input custom JavaScript right in the Theme Customizer
  • Child Theme Compatible – BetterMag is child theme compatible, with child themes available upon your purchase of the theme to make customization easy and painless.
  • And more…
Change Logs

Version 2.8.0 – 15 Sep 2016

- Added: New options for showing caption for ads added.
- Added: New style for social counter.
- Added: 3 new data source added to weather widget.

- Improved: Weather widget rewritten from scratch for performance improvement and new features.
- Improved: Admin panels usability improved.
- Improved: Rebuild Thumbnails.
- Improved: Translation panel redesigned and improved.

- Fixed: Mega menu didn’t save.
- Fixed: bbPress codes fixed.
- Fixed: Term meta moved to WP core functionality.

- Plugin Updated: Visual Composer v4.12.1
- Plugin Updated: BetterWeather v3.0.2
- Plugin Updated: Slider Revolution v5.2.6
- Plugin Updated: Better Social Counter v.4.8
- Plugin Updated: Better Ads Manager v1.3.1

Version 2.7.0 – 8 May 2016

- Added: Option to add custom image icon in icon selector added.

- Improved: WP 4.5 compatibility added.
- Improved: Rich snippet support improved.
- Improved: RTL style improved.

- Fixed: Hidden submenu in responsive menu fixed.
- Fixed: Dribbble widget updated to work Dribbble new API.
- Fixed: En and Fa .po/.mo files fixed.

- Updated: Visual Composer updated to v4.11.2.1.
- Updated: Revslider updated to v5.2.5.1  
- Updated: BetterFramework updated to v2.4.0
- Updated: Inner Libs updated to latest version.

Version 2.6.2 – Oct 16th, 2015 – Includes Important Security Fix

- Fix: Comments section extra “s” removed.
- Fix: Google fonts not found url bug from version 2.6 fixed.

- Improved: Comments list code improved.

Version 2.6.1 – Oct 13th, 2015 – Includes Important Security Fix

- Fix: Better Sticky Sidebar plugin fixed to stop work in mobiles.

Version 2.6 – Oct 10th, 2015 – Includes Important Security Fix

********* Important note 1 *********
Visual Composer updated to v4.7.4 to fix XSS vulnerabilities.

********* Important note 2 *********
This update comes with a large update for “Better Ads Manager” plugin and for updating theme you should delete last version manually in your site and then install new version from theme plugin installer.

- Added: custom post type support added for authors archive page.
- Added: Responsive fields added to menu items. you can hide/show each menu item in multiple devices now!

- Added: Multilingual support pushed to new level! 
    - BetterMag supports this plugins now: WPMU, WPGlobus, xili-language, qTranslate and Polylang.
- Added: Adblocker detector and fallback added to “Better Ads Manager” plugin.

- Improved: Icon select field redesigned and redeveloped again from scratch to improve usability.
- Improved: FontAwesome updated to v4.4.0.
- Improved: category mega-menu listed menus will be shown as sub menu in mobile menu!
- Improved: Better Gallery improved and fixed. supports exclude and includes now!
- Improved: smart adjustment posts option added to enable/disable show random post when there is no next/prev post.
- Improved: twitter widget code improved.
- Improved: ajax suggest field in panels improved.
- Improved: Better Social Counter performance improved.

- Fix: Google fonts url bug fixed to be w3 valid.
- Fix: Widgets heading link fixed.
- Fix: Pages & posts custom css generated changed from file url to raw css code print in header for better performance.

Translation Changes:
- Turkey translation added.
- Spanish translation updated.

Plugin Updates:
- Visual composer updated to v4.7.4
- BetterWeather updated to v2.0.4
- Revolution Slider updated to v5.0.9
- Better Social Counter updated to v1.3.0
- Better Reviews updated to 1.0.3
- Better Ads Manager updated to v1.1

Version 2.5 – Jun 26th, 2015

- Added:     Options for duplicate posts developed again from scratch! It’s smart now and detects all posts. 
        You can enable it for whole site, homepage, categories and tags now!
        Manage it in: Theme Options -> Advanced -> No duplicate Posts

- Added: option to increase related posts count added.
- Added: Turkish translation added. Thank you Ali.
- Added: Spanish translation improved. Thank you Recreatiu.

- Improved: bbPress style improved.
- Improved: SEO improved.
- Improved: Rich Snippets improved to support Non-English languages time tag. 

- Fix: Menu error in safari and firefox fixed.
- Fix: buttons color change fixed.

- BetterFramework updated to 2.2.0

- Better Social Counter plugin updated to 1.2.2
  - Facebook API changes updated. You should config it again from panel to work again.
  - Youtube user pages support added.

- BetterAdsManager updated to v1.0.2
  - minor SEO and code validator improvements

- BetterReviews plugin updated to 1.0.1
  - minor improvements.

Version 2.4 – Jun 17th, 2015

- Added: New responsive fields added to all widgets to Hide/Show theme inside difference devices.

- Improved: New sticky sidebar improvement to better design when sticky menu is active.

- Fixed: Sticky sidebar bug fixed and performance of that improved more that 100%
- Fixed: Tabbed Widget and Posts Widget read more link bug fixed.
- Fixed: prettyPhoto XSS security bug fixed.

- Documentation updated.

- BetterFramework updated to 2.1.0

- Plugin Updated: Better Sticky Sidebar updated to v1.1
- Plugin Updated: Better Social Counter updated to v1.2.1 
- Plugin Updated: Visual Composer updated to v4.5.3

v2.3 – 9 Jun 15

- Updated: Documentation updated.

- Added: Advanced options added to add post, tag and category metaboxes to other custom post types and taxonomies.

- Improved: Admin usability improved.

- Fixed: H1 bug in home page fixed.
- Fixed: Tabbed Widget warning fixed.

- BetterFramework updated to 2.0.5

- Plugin Updated: BetterStudio Shortcodes updated.

v2.2 – 30 May 15

- Added: Custom post type support added to “Posts Listing” widget
- Added: Custom post type support added to “Posts Slider” widget
- Added: Custom post type support added to “Tabbed Widget” widget
- Added: Custom post type support added to all “Content Listings” and “Content Tab Listing”
- Added: Custom post type support added to all “Slider Listings”
- Added: Custom post support added to all sliders: Home, Category, Tag, Page, Post and User slider.
- Added: Social Banner Widget, shortcode & VC addon added

- Fixed: Main category CSS class error was fixed for all blocks.
- Fixed: Breadcrumb color issue fixed.

- Improved: Admin style improved.

v2.1 – 22 May 15

- Added: Option to show post categories in breadcrumb.
- Added: French translation added.
- Added: Spanish - Mexico translation added.

- Improved: code fields in theme panel usability improved in RTL style admin.

- Fix: Order posts by view fixed in “posts Listing”, “Posts Slider” and “Tabbed Widget”.
- Fix: Image link URL fixed in “User Listing 2”.
- Fix: JS fix for element query added.
- Fix: Better Rebuild Thumbnail fixed and works properly now.
- Fix: Theme translation select field fixed.

- Updated: BetterFramework updated.

- Updated: Better Facebook Comments plugin updated to v1.1.
    - Added: Adjust language added to change comments language. 

v2.0 – 6 May 15

We worked 5+ month on this update to make better functionality and user experience.
This update contains huge bunch ( 400+ ) of new options and functionality also we redesigned
admin UI to consistence user experience.

We developed and added 9 unique plugin to add custom functionality with enabling them if needed.

Added Plugins:
#1- Better Ads Manager
    This plugins enable you to manage and add advertisements with powerful options.

#2- Better Reviews
    Posts review functionality moved to separate plugin that you can disable it if didn't need it!

#3- Better Post Views
    You can save posts views and show them with this plugin.

#4- Better Google Custom Search
    Replace the default WordPress search engine with search powered by Google.

#5- Better Disqus Comments
    Take advantage of integrating Disqus comments on your website.

#6- Better Facebook Comments
    Take advantage of integrating Facebook comments on your website.

#7- Better Sticky Sidebar
    Make sidebars permanently visible while scrolling.

#8- Better Custom 404 Template
    Replace the default theme 404 page with customized page.

#9- Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin
    Slider Revolution is an All-purpose Slide Displaying Solution that allows for showing almost any kind of content with highly customizable, transitions, effects and custom animations.

## Full List of New Features:

    - Added: Translation panel added to translate theme in minutes!
    - Added: French, Spanish, Greek, Persian and Hebrew translation added.
    - Added: Full Rich Snippet support added for better SEO.
    - Added: Font Manager added to upload and use unlimited custom fonts inside theme + some other advanced options.
    - Added: WPML Support added.
    - Added: Built in demo content importer added.
    - Added: Site width option added for customizing theme with px or percent.
    - Added: Site columns width options added also + custom with in tablet.

    - Added: Better Studio Rebuild Thumbnails added to rebuild thumbnail images without separate plugin.
    - Added: Menu options UI change for better usability.
    - Added: Mega menu category field added to support mega menu for pages, custom links and everything!.
    - Added: Background Image, Background Color, Min Height & Padding fields added to sub menu and mega menus.
    - Added: Display Featured Image/Video option added to option panel.
    - Added: Slider top and bottom padding added to option panel and posts metabox.
    - Added: Footer padding added to option panel.
    - Added: Custom CSS class added to pages, posts, categories, tags, authors and option panel + Advanced responsive CSS.
    - Added: Custom CSS code added to pages, posts, categories, tags, authors and option panel + Advanced responsive CSS.
    - Added: 35+ new options added to category and tags metabox
    - Added: 35+ new options added to author profile.
    - Added: Slider Revolution added
        - Added: support added to posts, pages, cats, tags, authors and home page
    - Added: Options to change search page listing, sidebar, main navigation and posts count added to search page.
    - Added: Option for adding share box to pages added.
    - Added: Avatar field added to users profile.
    - Added: Bio field added to select biography length ( full or excerpt ) in User Listing 1 and 2.
    - Added: RSS link option added to alongside title for categories and tags ( general option + single option for overriding in each term ).
    - Added: Options added to change slider animation and speed.
    - Added: Large menu style added.
    - Added: Center Large menu style added.
    - Added: Center align menu style added.
    - Added: Menu style and layout added to: Tag, Cat, Post, Page and Author.
    - Added: Breadcrumb center style added.
    - Added: Breadcrumb style added to Tag, Cat, Post, Page and Authors.
    - Added: Bottom description field added to categories and tags..
    - Added: Top and bottom padding options for Large Footer and Lower Footer added to option panel.
    - Added: Option to posts count in category archive added.
    - Added: Option to posts count in author archive added.
    - Added: Custom logo option for category and tags added.
    - Added: Custom category title option added for categories and tags.
    - Added: All widgets general fields moved inside "Advanced Options" for better management.
    - Added: Widget Title field added to adding custom icon behind widget title in al widgets.

    - Added: Primary category added for posts.
    - Added: Option for changing main navigation in posts and pages.
    - Added: Options to display and change position of comments added to posts and option panel.
    - Added: Remove comment form url field  option added.
    - Added: Options for adding note before and after comments form added.
    - Added: Option for disable emphasize first paragraph added.
    - Added: Share box options added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Related posts options added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Next and Previous posts options added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Display author box options added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Display post category added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Display post tags added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Top, right, bottom and left padding options added to posts meta box.
    - Added: Display topbar added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Display header added to posts metabox.
    - Added: Header top and bottom padding added to posts meta box and option panel.
    - Added: Slider options added to posts meta box.
    - Added: Admin RTL style added.

    - Added: Dribbble widget added.
    - Added: Google+ widget added.
    - Added: Posts Slider widget added.
    - Added: Login register tabbed widget added.
    - Added: Video Widget added.
    - Improved: Recent tab widget improved for better experience

    - Added: Better Ads Manager plugin added
        - Feature: Create campaigns
        - Feature: Banner and Code ads ( Google Adsense support )
        - Feature: Options to show banners in devices.
        - Feature: Unlimited post inline ads
        - Feature: Multi column ads
        - Feature: Advanced widget to show banners or campaigns
        - Feature: [better-ads] short code to show ads

    - Added: Better Reviews plugin
        - Added: Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata support
        - Improved: Admin design changed to better usability

    - Added: Better Post Views plugin
        - Feature: Option to count only for guests, registered users or both
        - Feature: Option to exclude bots in views count
        - Feature: Option to change view text template
        - Feature: WPML support

    - Added: Better Google Custom Search plugin
        - Feature: Change WordPress search with Google Custom Search without change any code.
        - Feature: 6 style for result page
        - Feature: WPML support

    - Added: Better Disqus Comments plugin

    - Added: Better Facebook Comments plugin
        - Feature: 2 color schema for comments
        - Feature: Option to change comments counts per page
        - Feature: Option to change comments order
        - Feature: WPML support

    - Added: Better Sticky Sidebar plugin
        - Feature: Option disable sticky sidebar on archives or home page

    - Pro: gap shortcode added for adding space in posts content: [gap space="100" /]
    - Dev: "better-mag/main/end" action added to footer.php
    - Dev: "better-mag/main/before-slider" action added to header.php
    - Dev: "better-mag/main/after-slider" action added to header.php
    - Dev: "better-mag/sidebar/before" action added to header.php
    - Dev: "better-mag/sidebar/start" action added to header.php
    - Dev: "better-mag/sidebar/end" action added to header.php
    - Dev: "better-mag/sidebar/after" action added to header.php

    - Improved: RTL style improved.
    - Improved: Typography improved.
    - Improved: [bm-block-title] shortcode supports content now! [bm-block-title]Its a content![/bm-block-title].

    - Fix: Multi column style fixed in User Listing 1 and 2
    - Fix: Tab Content Listing in rtl texts fixed
    - Fix: Author bio title color was fixed.

    - Plugin Update: BetterWeather plugin updated.
    - Plugin Update: Visual Composer plugin updated.

    - Removed: Clean & Clean Beige style removed.

Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and not included in the final purchase files.