California – Restaurant Hotel Coffee Bar WordPress Theme is a fully configurable and easy to use responsive WordPress Theme with HTML5 Video Background Support and a lot of other great features. It has been specifically designed to be easily customized and it’s created for creatives who want to make under construction page in few minutes.

California is a WordPress theme perfect fit for the restaurants, pubs, bars, wineries and other companies offering foods and drinks. Theme has modern and timeless design with many options to customize final look of the website.

No matter what kind of content your website will contain, the template will take care of representing every single part of it in an elegant and professional way.

The HTML5 revolution is exciting for web designers from all areas of the globe. The new specifications support dozens of elements and attributes for building semantic websites. These new features include multimedia tags for audio and video formats. That’s why we’ve created two versions of California – Photo Slideshow and Fullscreen Video Version.


  • Fully Responsive

  • HTML5 Video Background Homepage

  • Photo Slideshow Background Homepage
  • Touch Swipe Support
  • Powered by Bootstrap
  • Advanced CSS3 Animations
  • Revolution Slider Included
  • About Us Page Template
  • Events Page Template
  • Reservations Page Template
  • Stunning Menu Page Template
  • Blog Page Template
  • Portfolio Page Template
  • Contact Page Templates
  • Responsive Sorting Gallery
  • Twitter Feed
  • Detailed Documentation
  • HTML5 & CSS3


v2.3.3 – April 28th, 2015

  • FIXED – Responsive Issues
  • FIXED – Visual Composer Update

v2.3.3 – April 27th, 2015

  • FIXED – WordPress Security Update (Redux Framework, TGM Plugin, and all other affected pugins)

v2.3.2 – October 14th, 2014

  • FIXED – Menu bugs in IE and Firefox

v2.3.1 – October 10th, 2014

  • FIXED – Carousel Slider
  • FIXED – Menu in IE
  • FIXED – Various Responsive Issues

v2.3 – October 01st, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE – Visual Composer
  • NEW FEATURE – WordPress 4.0 Compatibility

v2.2.1 – September 30th, 2014

  • FIXED – Updated Revolution Slider
  • FIXED – Fixed menu in IE and Firefox

v2.2.0 – August 29th, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE – Now you can change the color of the preloading page
  • NEW FEATURE – WordPress 3.9.2 Compatibility
  • NEW FEATURE – All the plugins are updated
  • NEW FEATURE – New Carousel slider
  • NEW FEATURE – Now you can use standard WordPress comments and not only Disqus comments
  • FIXED – Menu not showing on the slideshow homepage
  • FIXED – Carousel slider not showing on the homepage
  • FIXED – All the hardcoded words can now be changed through Theme Options
  • FIXED – Updated Revolution Slider
  • FIXED – Homepage Animations
  • FIXED – Mobile Navigation
  • FIXED – Website Loading Speed
  • FIXED – Twitter Feed
  • FIXED – Theme Activation Bugs
  • FIXED – Responsive Issues
  • FIXED – Browser Issues

v2.1.2 – July 27th, 2014

  • FIXED – Menu issue in Firefox

v2.1.1 – July 27th, 2014

  • FIXED – IE Issues

v2.0.9 – June 27th, 2014

  • FIXED – Issue with the background on the menu page

v2.0.8 – May 08th, 2014

  • FIXED – Homepage crousel can be set to auto play
  • FIXED – Menu issue with showing only 5 items per category
  • FIXED – Scroll now works in 3rd section of the menu

v2.0.7 – May 05th, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE – Users can now have standard WordPress comments instead of Disqus comments
  • FIXED – Responsive issue with chef cards

v2.0.6 – April 15th, 2014

  • FIXED – Menu now works on Slideshow and Video Homeage Templates
  • FIXED – Menu works perfectly both on Home and on the Menu page
  • FIXED – Contact Form submit button is fixed
  • NEW FEATURE – Now you can decide if you want to show homepage elements an animations on smartphones and tablets

v2.0.5 – April 07th, 2014

  • FIXED: Issues with the restaurant menu
  • FIXED: Issues with social media icons in the header
  • FIXED: Browser Issues
  • FIXED: Responsive Issues

v2.0.4 – March 17th, 2014

  • FIXED: Issue with the background image

v2.0.3 – February 27st, 2014

  • FIXED: Events Page is now showing the event date, not post publishing date
  • FIXED: Now you can add unlimited number of menu items on the Menu Page Template
  • FIXED: The theme now works even if you disable the WooCommerce Plugin
  • FIXED: Now you can add unlimited number of icons in the header

v2.0.2 – February 21st, 2014

  • FIXED: IE8 & IE9 Compatibility Issues
  • FIXED: Content Clipping On The Bottom Of Pages
  • FIXED: Content Animations

v2.0.1 – February 19th, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE: WooCommerce CSS Style Improvements
  • FIXED: On Scroll Events Improvements
  • FIXED: Radio Buttons On The Homepage Slider
  • FIXED: Select Option on the Advanced Reservations Page
  • FIXED: Video Homepage Loader Is Now Working
  • FIXED: Responsive Issues
  • FIXED: Responsive Issues
  • FIXED: Browser Issues

v2.0 – February 18th, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE: WooCommerce Support
  • FIXED: Responsive Issues
  • FIXED: Browser Issues

v1.7 – December 24th, 2013

  • FIXED: Bug with text not showing on default page template

v1.6 – December 21st, 2013

v1.5 -December 09th, 2013

  • FIXED: Bug with logo not appearing on all pages
  • FIXED: Responsive issues
  • NEW FEATURE: Additional Custom theme CSS options
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now remove the video from Homepage

v1.4 -December 03rd, 2013

  • FIXED: Bug with text not being visible on pages
  • FIXED: Bug with homepage photos
  • FIXED: Bug with homepage gallery photos alignment
  • NEW FEATURE: Custom theme CSS options
  • NEW FEATURE: Now you can add your own Favicon
  • NEW FEATURE: Now you can add your own map on Contact page

v1.3 – November 24th, 2013

  • NEW FEATURE: Now you can choose to remove the revolution slider from the homepage with a show/hide button
  • NEW FEATURE: Now you can choose to remove the homepage carousel with a show/hide button
  • Fixed: Address can now be updated through Theme Options

v1.2 – November 20th, 2013

  • Fixed: Browser Compatibility (IE, FF & Safari)
  • Fixed: Fixed pagination on News & Events Page templates
  • NEW FEATURE: New page template -> Advanced Reservation with dropdown menus, date picker,…

v1.1 – November 19th, 2013

  • Fixed: IE Compatibility
  • Fixed: Single Posts & Single Events Bug
  • NEW FEATURE: New homepage version – Photo Slideshow
  • NEW FEATURE: Now you can have a full menu section on the Homepage
  • NEW FEATURE: Chef section on the About us page template
  • NEW FEATURE: Improved hover on the Gallery page template


All images and videos used in the demo are not distributed with the theme. They are all licensed under Creative Commons and credited to their respective creator/owner.


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